Saturday, October 31, 2009


päev läks küllalt edukalt. täitisn eesmärgid mis ele seadsin endale. populatsiooni sain 216 ja ehitasin talli tasemele 5. pikema aja eesmärk on arendada residents tasemele 10 ja teha 3 asjunikku et asutada uus küla, kuid seda ei juhtu ilmselt enne kui mu populastion jõuab 400ni.
the day war pretty successful and i filled my goals that i had set yesterday. i got my populatsion 216 and i managed to build my stables to lvl 5. my long term plan is to get my residents lvl 10 and train 3 settlers to found new village, but that woud likely not happen until populatsion of 400.


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  2. Oh, sorry for that delete! Anyway, I'm old so I don't know anything about this game BUT I think it's such a great idea to keep a blog diary of your progress!

    It's also kinda cool that you put it in English!

    Thanks for the look-see!